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Purpose - Brand & Concept
Lanai Transit" is the only one original brand of handbags in Hawaii,

"Lanai TRANSIT" is the only one original brand of handbags in Hawaii,Hawaii are at 6 islands, So the people msut come and go from main-lands,and must go around world wide for their living as usual, such like global Nomadize traveller.

So the bag made of Hawaiian living, it is perfect for them, The bags have become popular with jet-setters, especially among the Hawaii local people and LA mainland.

Then from New York to Paris, Since fashion brand bag follow its newest trend every season, So it msut be changed its styles, However, we pursue the bags as tool for Hawaiian livning with Aloha life stlyes.it msut be fit for coming and go aroud islands, Oafu to Maui, Maui to Lanai, then big islands,it must be fit for travelling from NY to Hawaii, From Hawaii to Paris of Jetsetters,
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Lanai Transit it's the ICON of Hawaii living - jetsetters